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20 January 2009



dear kathleen,
i was a regular viewer of your show on food network. it was the one i enjoyed most (along with alton brown and sara moulton) it's wonderful to discover you online. i plan to highlight some of your recipes on my site.

an ardent fan,



For every celebrity who appeared in that video and performed on inauguration day, the celebrities we idolize and who command the highest salaries in this country, what change are they bringing? I wonder if they would all commit to taking the money they were paid to perform and put it into the poor communities or into the school systems.

Change will come when we readjust our priorities and start paying our teachers more than our celebrities. We need to raise up generations of children who are empowered and have high goals and standards. The schools are underfunded and the teachers are underpaid. I know what my change is. I work in the projects, I extend myself to the people who need help.

I like Will I Am. I even like the song, but I can not stand all of these high paid celebrities who are all calling for change while they are living quite large. Sorry to sound harsh. Just how I feel.

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